We’re the studio next door even though we’re not. Location and time zones don’t hold us back. We were cloud before cloud was cool and we have the tools and experience to make you feel like we’re in the next room.

We’re responsive. Not in the web kind of way, but in a “wow, those guys are on it!” kind of way. We bend over backwards to make sure you feel like we’re your personal creative studio.

We want you to succeed as bad as you do. If you think about it, our success depends on your success. Projects aren’t pay checks to us, they’re our calling.


Every project is different and different services require different systems, but here’s a drive by overview of our key service (animation) including software and process milestones. Different software and processes are used depending on the type of production (or service) and level of animation.


This is where the story and art takes shape.
Deliverables: concept, script, art direction, character design, etc.
Software: Traditional materials, Adobe Photoshop, Sketchbook Pro, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash


This is where we create the building blocks for the project.
Deliverables: thumbnails, boards/animatics, layouts/backgrounds, asset production, scene set up, character rigging, some nested animation. Most of what we produce is in Flash. 1/2 the battle is creating and rigging the assets. There’s a lot of work involved on the front end.
Software: ToonBoom StoryBoard Pro, Spine, Adobe Photoshop, Sketchbook Pro, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash, also Adobe Video Encoder, MPEG Streamclip.


This is where everything animates to life.
Deliverables: fully produced shots and scenes
Software: Toonboom Harmony, Flash, After Effects

Post Production

This is where we pull it all together and add the polish.
Deliverables: Compositing scenes, adding effects (depending on animation level), scoring, sound design, sound mastering, exporting master.
Software: Premiere, After Effects, ProTools, other sound software


We have a small core staff and a team of artists we call our TimbuktoonCloud Team. These are hand-picked artists and animators that specialize in specific areas. They all have contractor/NDA/No-Compete agreements with Timbuktoons and we keep them as busy as possible (so your project helps feed a hard working animation artist).

Many studios crew up for a series or bigger production, then lay everyone off after it’s over. We’ve had to do that a couple of times (not fun) and we believe that people are more important than processes so we restructured to meet the needs of our clients without having to lay people off.

In other words many of our artists contract with us project to project and we send them as much work as we can. Animation team sizes depend on the production. We’ve had as few as four and as many as seventeen working at one time. We’re built to scale and that’s the great part.

Founder/Chief Creative OfficerTodd Hampson
Founder/Chief Creative Officer

Todd wrote and illustrated the children’s book “The Adventures of Lizard Man” which became an overnight success among his siblings and classmates at Lamont Elementary. Building on his 5th grade success, Todd continued to develop stories and create characters.

At some point along the way he went to art school and college and discovered people would pay him money to use these talents. After years of working in creative industries, Todd’s love for story and art led him to found Timbuktoons in 2003.

Todd hopes to option “The Adventures of Lizard Man” at some point but is still tweaking the character’s backstory and motivations until he gets it just right to pitch.

After years of working in creative industries, Todd’s love for story and art led him to found Timbuktoons in 2003.

Todd is the Founder/CCO of Timbuktoons, LLC (EST. 2003), an award winning animation development and production company, was the Executive Producer and lead animator for a small line of creative children’s ministry media products (including 5 DVDs), has produced hours of animated content for other companies, developed several show concepts, pitched to major Kids TV networks, licensed characters, and been a professional artist for over 20 years in both Washington, DC, and Georgia.

He holds a degree in Art with a focus on Illustration and Art History. His primary focus at Timbuktoons is leading an amazing team, designing characters, guiding the art direction and visual development process, growing the company, and producing content that makes a positive impact.

Producer/VP of Brand StrategySean Copley
Producer/VP of Brand Strategy

Sean doesn’t just think outside of the box, he thinks there is no box. Clients are amazed at Sean’s attention to detail and extreme super-powers when it comes to seeing the big picture. Strategy is his middle name. Branding is his other middle name. We’re not sure why he has two middle names, but we don’t question it.

Strategy is Sean’s middle name. Branding is his other middle name. We’re not sure why he has two middle names, but we don’t question it.

Sean has a wealth of experience in his creative producer role and is our secret sauce when it comes to elevating everything we do at Timbuktoons.

Sean is the Lead Producer and the VP of Brand Strategy for Timbuktoons. He holds a degree in Art Education and a Masters in Communications. He is a Lead Producer for Timbuktoons products and service work as well as a one man R&D powerhouse, brand strategy coach, writes scripts and co-develops show concepts and other IPs at Timbuktoons.

Sean also has experience serving as an Art Director/Communications lead for a large non-profit organization where he has worked in brand management, marketing and communications and event planning.

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