From script to screen and everything in-between.

We’re your in-house animation studio in the cloud! Since 2003, Timbuktoons has served clients from all over the world.

We’ve produced many hours of original creative content and specialize in family-friendly 2D animation and illustration services for the non-profit, broadcast, education, interactive, and gaming industries.

Here are a few of our key specialties:


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Do you have an idea, message, concept, or character that’s begging to be brought to life? You’ve come to the right place…2D animation production is our sweet spot. It’s our main thing— we eat, sleep, dream, and live this stuff.

And we do it by developing solutions that fit your budget.

Whether it’s for little screens or big screens, games, apps, explainer videos, commercials, or ID packages, we can help…and we take you along for the creative journey.

Ready for some screentime?

Character Design

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A compelling story falls flat without visually compelling characters. That’s where we come in. Designing kid-centric and kid-loved characters is at the heart of every project we deliver.

We have years of experience designing characters for just about every use you can think of. From children’s books, to animated shows; from interactive apps to plush dolls; Timbuktoons guides clients through a collaborative design process that produces characters that hit the mark.

Are you character driven?


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Designing a look and feel for your concept starts with awesome art direction. We have a big team of illustrators, visual development artists, art directors, background designers, and a leadership team with extensive art direction chops.

Timbuktoons can develop a strategy, solution, and style for any illustration project. Whether you need illustration for a children’s book, an app or game, a licensing opportunity, or a marketing need, we have the experience and expertise to deliver what you need.

Looking for some style?


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Timbuktoons lives at the intersection of technology and art. Quality apps, games, and online features demand both. To stay in our sweet spot, we partner with agencies to turn our art and animation into apps to swipe, click, shake, turn, and play!

Have an app-etite?

Motion Graphics

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Motion and graphics. Both were part of our DNA before Timbuktoons was even a glimmer in the founder’s eye. Our love for design and making things move shows in our motion graphics work. We can help you explain concepts visually, convey key brand and event messaging, animate your logo, or create a graphics package for your productions.

Need a moving message?


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Every idea needs some development, some fleshing-out. Give us your “back-of-napkin” sketch and we’ll turn it into a well thought out concept with a compelling story and relatable characters that kids will love.

Timbuktoons has developed and pitched cartoon show concepts to major networks such as Cartoon Network, Disney Television Animation, The Hub, and PBS Kids to name a few.

You may not need that level of development but that’s the expertise we bring to every project. Have a concept idea? Let us help you take it to the next level.

Time to show up?


With over 25+ in the visual communications arena, we’re an animation studio with graphic design sensibilities and a ton of experience. We’ve designed everything from brochures to billboards, from publications to pop-up banners.

With a constant birds-eye view on strategy and branding, Timbuktoons can concept, design, and print manage any marketing, branding, or print design project you can throw at us. Raster, vector. die-cut. crop marks, points, picas, and color calibration. That may sound like a foreign language to you but it’s music to our ears. We speak print in all of it’s linguistic complexity.

Ready for some fine print?


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We don’t like using that word because it’s thrown about so freely, but yup…we do that too. Timbuktoons has helped local, regional, and national brands launch, relaunch, and retool their brands from the ground up.

We help organizations discover who they are and tell a better story at every touchpoint. We approach every project from a branding and strategy vantage point. We can’t “not” think that way.

Want something brand new?

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