Sushi Game

Sushi Game

Stuck Pixel Studios needed 32 characters produced and rigged each with an average of 12 specific animation cycles that needed to link up seamlessly and be prepared for integration into their game programming pipeline.

Each character also had various special effects that needed to be animated as well. In total the client needed over 384 distinct animation cycles.

32 characters, over 384 distinct animation cycles…that’s a lot moving pixels!

Timbuktoons began with turnarounds for each character to make sure the designs worked for every angle.

Then animation was produced in batches for rolling delivery so that game testing and programming could occur early in the process.

Milestones included rough animation, proof animation, then final animation.



  • characters were all different but needed animation contained into a specific area to work properly in the game
  • several levels of complexity and attention to detail to get the art and the specs just right
  • game testing had to occur simultaneous with early production
  • character sizes and animation cycles had to link up seamlessly


  • worked with client to develop optimum size and placement for game integration
  • developed a staggered production system so that a consistent rolling delivery could be achieved
  • exceeded client expectations with animation


Services: characters turnarounds, ink and paint, character rigging, animation cycles for interactive.
Software: Flash